Tooled up: The Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Reference 1655

The 1655 Explorer II is known by two nicknames: Freccione (big Arrow) and Steve Mcqueen. The first comes from the boldly-colored 24-hour watch and the second is due to the fact that the actor often wore one. It was actually a Rolex Submariner ref. with a matte dial. He wore the 5512 most, but the 1655 is the one that has been remembered.

Ref. 1655 Rolex Submariner Replica Watches

The devil is in details, and here the details are in dials, bezels and seconds hands. Let's begin with the dials. Seven dials were produced over the life of the 1655, five by Stern and two by Beyeler as service dials.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Two service dials, which were made later than the watch's production run, were kept in stock to be used for servicing the watches over the next decades. It is important to remember that Rolex wasn't always a fully-in-house manufacturer. Component production was outsourced to other companies. We see differences in the quantities of dials and bezels supplied.

Here, we won't be focusing on the service dials but will instead focus on the main production run. These are the Marks (MK), one through five (1-5). There was a large rectangular hour marker at 6 and 9 o’clock, and a triangle at 12 o’clock. The hour markers that remain are extra-bold minute marks sit within the minutes track. The dial's outer edge is where the intermittent 24-hour markers are located. These markers are offset from the regular hours markers.Rolex Daytona Replica This is where the dial becomes a bit busier. This dial has a distinctive appearance that led to some collectors calling it the Disco Dial. It resembles a 1970s disco floor with square-lit panels. The printed text on dials distinguishes the different marks.

You are the Mark

The MK1: This was the first iteration. It had a large coronet and a round foot on the Rolex. The dial's bottom was marked with T SWISS T.

The MK2 is very similar to MK1. Collectors have given the coronet a slightly more splayed appearance with darker dots at the tips. This has earned it the nickname Frog Foot.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica It can also be found on the Rolex Explorer ref. 1016). Another important difference is the spacing between the words PERPETUAL. It is narrower than the MK1 and the top of the letterL lines up with ROLEX's bottom right stroke of letter X in ROLEX. (On the MK1, the A of PERPETUAL is below the X). The MK2 also features T SWISS T at the bottom to indicate the use of tritium in the dial.

The MK3: This is the version collectors call the Rail Dial. In comparison to the MK2, the coronet is wider, more defined, and more symmetrical. It still bears the T SWISS T mark at its outer edge. The clue to the MK3 is found in the SUPERLATIVE CHERONOMETER OFFICIALLY ZIFIED text at the bottom of the dial.Rolex Submariner fake Watches The vertical alignment of the letters C in the words CHRONOMETER AND CERTIFIED creates a visible vertical gap between the two lines. This is called a Rail Dial. It can also be found on some ref. 1665 Sea-Dwellers.

The MK4 Coronet: This coronet is noticeably different from the MK2, being both narrower and appearing taller. The MK2 has the same text alignment as the MK2. Most noticeable is the small change at the dial's bottom edge.bell & ross replica This reads: T SWISS 25T in a serif font. This indicated that the tritium used to paint hour markers emitted less than 25mCi.

The MK5 was the last production dial for the 1655. It featured the T SWISS 25 T at its bottom edge, but no serifs. The coronet is also narrower, with a larger opening in the oval at its bottom (which was similar to the coronets on Submariner ref. Maxi-dial Submariner). 5513).