Tooled up: The Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watches

There were differences in the bezels throughout the production run, as mentioned previously. There were four production versions, and there was also a service version.Omega Replica Watches Here is how the bezels are broken down:

MK1: A thick font that has the edges of the numbers very close to the inner edge the steel bezel. These fonts were used for watches with MK1 or MK2 dials.

The MK2: A thick font that centers the numerals. Usually seen on MK1 dial watches,Rolex Yacht-Master fake Watches but more often on MK3 or MK4 watches.

The MK3 fonts: The MK3 fonts are small and placed centrally on the bezel. These fonts were used on MK3 dialled watches, but they are mainly for MK4 dialled watches.

The MK4: This MK4 bezel is found on watches with MK5 dials.Montblanc Replica Watches It has numerals in a thin font but some changes to the font. The 1s have a 'long hook' that is most distinctive.

(From left to right) Different bezels for MK1,MK2,MK3, MK4 or MK5

The seconds hand is the last thing to mention about the 1655. The seconds hand was fitted to the early versions of the reference in the first year of production. The hands were white painted and had a minimalist design.Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watches Straight seconds was a long, thin, needle-esque central sweep hand. Rolex quickly introduced a seconds hand that featured a luminous-filled bubble and a lollipop. Collectors seek watches with an MK1 dial, MK1 watch bezel, and straight seconds hand to find the ideal early Explorer II.

Straight seconds hand on the MK1 dial

MK2 dial with lollipop second hand

The potted (or should it be potholed) history of the watch. A very cool watch with an amazing professional history. It would have been a great name for the Cave Dweller, but it was too similar to their Aqua-themed Sea-Dweller watch. That would have been awesome!