Timing the Swing: Rolex Replica Watches’s RM 038

Electro-plasma oxide treatment (R) was used to coat the watch casing. The white colour was obtained from the crystalline ceramic with a high proportion of extremely resistant composites like MgAl spinels. This sounds extremely technical and cutting-edge, but it has practical applications. It increased the hardness and scratch resistance as well as the alloy's wear resistance and corrosion resistance. MgAl spinel, which is a technical term that means the atomic structure is regular and has a hexagonal pattern. Material bonding with a regular hexagonal structure is extremely tough.Panerai Replica Watches The bonds between atoms in such a lattice structure are strong. This is not marketing hype. It actually serves a real purpose: it provides a tough, durable coating that can be applied to metals and makes them part of the metal.

Close-up of RM038's magnesium alloy case

The coating served two purposes for the RM038, The watch's unique look was achieved by the coating. The cases of Rolex Replica Watches Rolex Replica Watches watches were usually made from a darkened alloy or composite, such as titanium or finished precious metals. A new sports watch was created for golf. It was designed to be different and fit the colorful outfits of golfers. The coating was also highly resistant to scratches and bio-compatible. This would make it hypo-allegenic,Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica and not feel metallic on the skin. It is lightweight and breathable, so it does not retain moisture. This was the perfect coating for a sports watch.

Like many of Rolex Replica Watches's innovations in the automotive industry, the original inspiration was from cutting-edge auto engineering. This coating (Miarox), is usually found on the exterior of engine pistons. It is almost self-lubricating and reduces friction. The Miarox coating can also be used on everyday household items such as irons (the part of the iron that comes in contact with your clothes) and the outer shells of mobile phones.

Rolex Replica Watches used titanium again for the bridges and baseplate. Rolex Replica Watches preferred titanium over other exotic metals. The bridges were to be strong and rigid enough to withstand the extreme pressures that would be placed on the mechanism. A special lattice bridge was created to hold the mechanism in place and also to hold the pin for the hour-and-minute hands.

Rolex Replica Watches RM 038 Caseback

The lattice bridges that connect the mechanism to the outside are a "three-bridge" design. The top bridge is used to hold the winding barrel. The bottom bridge holds the tourbillon escapement.replica watches While the middle bridge holds the hour and minute pins in place, it also serves as a bridge. The RM038 is different because of the way the bridges are designed to counter the forces that act on the watch mechanism. The bridges act as a 'wedge against' the forward motion and impact of golf clubs. The middle bridge holds the hour and minute hand pin (against forward motion); both the top and bottom bridges follow the same pattern. All of them are secured against the 'backwall' of the case.

RM 038's "three bridges" movement design

Like it was with all Rolex Replica Watches's lifestyle and sports ambassadors, the arrival on the wrist of a dedicated RM watch changed the course of their sporting competition.Rolex Replica Watches Bubba Watson signed in 2011 with Rolex Replica Watches and won his first major at The US Masters. Instantly, the Baghdad, Florida-based golfer was ranked among the top five players in the world.

There have been only two variants of the RM038 series. To celebrate Bubba's victory at the US Masters 2012, the RM038 Victory was a limited edition of four watches. The watch is identical to the original RM038, but it has a green inner dial (which matches the green jacket worn by the US Masters victor), and Bubba’s signature on its back.

The Victory Watch

The RM038-01 was finally released in 2015.Replica Rolex Watches It included a g-force meter in the mechanism that measures the swing's impact on it. The case material now included TZP green ceramic bezels and a rubberized titanium interior case. This limited edition of 50 watches was produced.