Passionflowers by Emma Spowage

Emma's inspiration as a flower grower and floral stylist goes back to her childhood in rural Essex. Influenced by both her parents and grandparents she learned as a seven year old how to plant, sow and present her own homegrown delights. This early experience was rewarded by selling some of her beautiful flowers in small bunches at the garden gate of her childhood home.

As an adult she undertook formal training where she furthered her knowledge whilst further developing her own expansive garden and growing beds.

Her ability to work with homegrown and locally sourced flowers and foliage throughout the seasons means that ever-changing palettes, textures and scents are always enjoyed, whatever the weather!

Emma's work continues to push the boundaries of floral artistry. Along with her lifelong passion, knowledge and creativity she provides innovative arrangements for every client and occasion.

Based in the beautiful North Essex countryside, with an abundance of inspiration Emma often grows to request working closely with her clients. The results are bespoke, romantically wild abundant pieces for weddings, photographic work, events and gifts. She also undertakes various workshops to enable others to learn new skills.